Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings

Commonly known as Steels

Manufactured in accordance with EN13414-1:2003

Supplied in 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 13mm Galvanised wire rope in Standard 5ft 10ft 15ft 20ft & 30ft Lengths or In Metres to your Specification

Colour Coded Thimbles available on Request.

Using Fed Spec Thimbles of Soft Eyes with Tapered Ferrules with inspection Hole
Standard Colour Coding if required
5ft Red, 10ft White, 15ft Green, 20ft Blue. 30ft Yellow

Product Code Wire Dia SWL MBL Thimble To Suit Shackle Body
8mm 8mm 822kgs 4110kgs 8 or 10mm Fed Spec 3.25t
10mm 10mm 1.28t 6400kgs 10 or 13mm fed spec 3.25t or 4.75t
13mm 13mm 2.16t 10800kgs 13mm fed spec 4.75t
16mm 16mm 3.28t 16400kgs 16mm Fed Spec 4.75t or 6.5t
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