Black Roundslings 2t

Black Roundslings 2t

2t Black Roundslings

Manufactured in the UK

Conforms to EN1492-2:2000

Available in Black or Standard colours

These can be labelled with your Company name at no extra cost

Product Code SWL Length Circ Length EWL Weight KGS Each
RSB/2t1m 2.0t 1mtr 0.5mtr 0.04
RSB/2t2m 2.0t 2mtr 1.0mtr 0.06
RSB/2t3m 2.0t 3mtr 1.5mtr 0.09
RSB/2t4m 2.0t 4mtr 2.0mtr 0.134
RSB/2t5m 2.0t 5mtr 2.5mtr 0.180
RSB/2t6m 2.0t 6mtr 3.0mtr 0.255
RSB/2t7m 2.0t 7mtr 3.5mtr 0.320
RSB/2t8m 2.0t 8mtr 4.0mtr 0.400
RSB/2t9m 2.0t 9mtr 4.5mtr 0.480
RSB/2t10m 2.0t 10mtr 5.0mtr 0.570
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